7 zip download

If you’re looking over this article you should know how you can zip a folder. Maybe you have to make the file size smaller so it occupies less space on your own hard disk – and much less time for you to download too. Or perhaps you wish to put various things in to the folder to make the procedure a little less tedious for everybody concerned. In either case, you should know how make a zipped folder. So, without a doubt how…

The bottom line is, what you should do is to produce a folder and place content in it, to ensure that visitors to your site should be able to download it.

This is actually the process, step-by-step:

  1. Anywhere on your own Desktop – right click your mouse and select New.
  2. Then click Folder along with a new folder will show up on your own Desktop.
  3. Name it something you’ll remember – it’s better to not have any spaces within the file name.
  4. Right click the folder and select Send To and after that Compressed (zipped) Folder.
  5. The zipped folder will show up on your own Desktop – you’ll see the size of the folder has reduced.

That’s all there exists to creating a zipped folder! Now all you have to do is upload it towards the web the following:

  1. Visit your FTP Client (eg Filezilla) and kind within your details.
  2. Find the zipped file within your Local Browzer in the left-hand side of the screen – highlight it and drag it to the general public_html file within your Remote Browzer around the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Once it offers uploaded you are going to find the zipped folder at yourdomainname/filename.zip

Now you understand how to zip a folder and upload it towards the web!

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